Until December 2019, Lighthouse Support Foundation was in formation. Ellen received from different sides donations already. These were used for food for a Maasai family, schoolfees and uniforms for two Maasai boys, bridal dresses for the palliative care team of Nkoaranga, toys for the Maasai school, a mattress and sheets for a very poor family, a glucometer, oximeter, bloodpressure meter, woundcare kit etcetera.

From 2020 donations are officially within the foundation, this site shows an overview of income and costs:


Studenten februari 2020 7 x 150 Euro 1050
Donatie naar aanleiding van oprichting 500
Jaarlijkse bijdrage specifiek voor palliatief team 12 x 15 Euro 180
Jaarlijkse bijdrage specifiek voor voedsel Maasai gezin 300
Donatie via de site 50
Donaties ventilator 5233
Donaties ter vrije besteding 10000


Notaris akte van oprichting 487,90
Registration in Chamber of Commerce 50
Palliative Care Team Nkoaranga according to donation 180
Food Maasai family according to donation 300
Donatie fysiotherapie verkeersslachtoffer 22
Aanschaf ventilator en accessoires xxx