The beginning

I am Ellen van de Velde, born in Rotterdam The Netherlands in 1967. I started my education of nursing when I was 48 years old. Before that, I worked in business in a large international company as a financial administrator.

Very different, yes that is correct. But I am also a goldsmith, was a secretary, worked in IT, was at one point an office manager and I sold jewellery and sunglasses at the market.

Was I not able to choose? Maybe. I just enjoyed everything and went from one thing to the other.

If people would ask me what I would have liked to be I would say: "Something medical, with Médecins Sans Frontières". Africa had my interest and before I stayed in an SOS children's village as a volunteer for six weeks. I enjoyed travelling there and had beautiful experiences in various African countries.

When I finally studied nursing, hoping to be working with Médecins Sans Frontières one day, I found an internship of course in Africa a nice addition to my CV. I did not have years of time to build my CV again. I felt the urge to go and left for Tanzania. I did a 10 week internship on Zanzibar in Kivunge Hospital. After that I did a 10 week internship in Meru District Hospital in Tengeru.

For my final internship I did a 10 week internship in Mount Meru Referral Hospital in Arusha. I could not say goodbye to Tanzania and kept coming back.

Ik zette The House op, waar studenten en reizigers welkom zijn in de Bed and Breakfast.

Anno 2019 ben ik afgestudeerd als verpleegkundige met als afstudeerproject palliatieve zorg. Het huis is druk met studentes.

Although Tanzania means a lot of challenges, it gives me a lot of satisfaction which is most important to me.

That is the beginning of the foundation......