What we do

Because I live, work and study in Tanzania, I get to know the country better and better. I start to understand little pieces, but a much larger piece is still unexplored. I start to know the people en they know me.

As a result of various activities I get into contact with new people. Many with beautiful stories that work in the hospital, for an NGO or just have stories by themselves. Sometimes these stories are painful, moving or otherwise touching.

I try to help the people by commitment. I gratefully use what others give me. Sometimes I help by simply giving money. Sometimes I help a student by sharing knowledge, by arranging internships. On other occasions my suitcase is full of stuff, from as well as to The Netherlands.

I take the students that are here to projects, to Sabores family and I ask them to support my work. Everyone brought a bridal dress, I got a donation from a childhood friend and Marijn Bent made this website. A special mention of my base at home who gave me the chance to be here. I feel rich by being able to share.

That is why the heading "What we do" is correct. I don't do this alone at all. Without base, students, lecturers of the University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam, people in the hospitals, at the NGO's and so on my stay here and maybe also that of the students would not be possible.

That is why I am very grateful to everyone that contributes.